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The House of Sommeliers 


Retreats to heal the mind, body, and soul for couples, team building, plant diets, and rites of passage


A larger holistic umbrella that encompasses massage therapy and multi touch disciplines. A Gathering of information to help facilitate  your temple transmutation and restoration.

Our Services

Altar Making

Guided creation of your Altar; a place of adoring, listening, tuning in, expunging, agreeing and reviving. It is your insides poured Into an outside canvas. An Altar should be living, breathing, changing, transforming, evolving. It is a personal Vision Board.

Table Talk Spiritual Coaching

Facilitation of deeper liberating talks, conversations with freeing practices.

A more holistic and community approach to counseling.

Kambo Innoculation

Kambo is a traditional ritual that uses the secretion of the Amazonian giant monkey frog , to purify the body and help with various conditions

Bodywork Training

10 hours of hands on training to become an intuitive Massage therapist using an array of modalities assisting in bringing an holistic wellness to your potential clients.

Plant Diet Program

Create the ability to open new portals of awareness, and expansion. Develop and create stronger connections to nature, while healing consciously our own inner sanctum. 

Yoni & Wand of Light Care

Yoni (womb), wand of light (lingam) are clearing for women and men of their respective channel and connection to their own wisdom, power, vitality, and sexuality. A  cleansing and purifying ancient  practise of steaming with herbal infusions.

Energy Balancing

Our soul came in order to experience, learn, teach, feel, and most importantly, it came for an adventure. Shadow Work, Light Work, all tools to assist in retrieving and connecting you to your Whole.

Ceremonial Integration 

The journey does not conclude with the end of a ceremony or a rite, the real work just began. Learn How to walk the post-ceremony path, getting support, tools and perspectives to apply in the everyday life. The ultimate value to a transforming process

House Clearing and Blessing

Just as homes need to be physically cleaned, they also need to be spiritually cleaned. Remove negative spirits and energy that’s collected in your home over time. Bring in positive energy, and spiritual protection from further spiritual intrusion.

Rite of Passages

Step powerfully into the next stage of your life with  ritual surrounding events that mark a drastic change of status in society, such as childbirth, puberty, coming of age, marriages, or death.


Putting divine consciousness into your everyday practices.

Tobacco Ceremony

Let your breath carry your prayers, bridging the seen to the unseen.

Sacred Ceremony

Unlock your purpose, mission on earth, and construct the best routes for your

own life within the web of lives and find your gifts.

Weekend Warrior

An Epic two-day, one night transformative journey that will push you to your limits

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