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Live and Love my Best Life

inspired by: people I Love(d), my twin face Diane K, and a cousin 

How do I get to Love and Live my Best Life (LLMBL) Well let me start by removing some doubts -IT IS Okay to Want. It IS Natural to Dream and Wish.

See I truly believe that We are Powerful Creators of Our Dreamtime, However learning to harness that Power is part of Creating a Life Worth Living.

Pursuing my Dreams, finding Purpose and Meaning in life. And what that is, is becoming clearer everyday.💭🌈🧬

For too long, I had this daunting

feeling in the depth of my soul (which eventually showed up onto my face) of wanting more, which translated into something important - the uncovering of saying No and STOP!!!🛑🖐️🚫✖️

So ages ago, I embarked on a Life change Journey (which ended a sad Marriage, broke some friendships, relations with family members, I ended up filing for bankruptcy, and brought in a career change...).

The necessary steps to claim my Freedom from Misery 😅😅😅 With nothing but Faith, and a toddler👶, I went on my Life Journey to uncover what really interested me and made me FEEL Alive.☀️☀️☀️

Self inquiry, self questioning, self evaluation, became powerful tools for discovering what i really wanted in my life (I still self check daily).

*This process is not for the faint of heart, actually it is down right crazy.

In the Discovery of what I wanted, I came rapidly across what I did NOT want, the process was/is turbulent, scary, and most definitely uncertain.

HOWEVER to return to my gloomy starting point was NO longer an option 💀😐 So I push through...

and learning to live with Authenticity lead me to rewards that often surpassed my expectations. Even the simple every day life started feeling amazing, sacred when I started living with purpose.

Am I living/loving my best life? YES, even in 💩☂️⛅ day.

Living my Best Life has been a journey to uncover what really interested me and made me feel alive while Living up to my potential (meaning doing the things I WANT to do).

Not putting relevant things off for some magical time in the future🦄🌈. Life is temporary, fragile, frangible and I no longer want to wait to FEEL fulfilled.

LLMDL also means that as soon as I am living up to my potential, I continue to set the bar higher, and rest when content...

It became a commitment to myself and what really matters... to Me🎇🎇🎇.

AUTHENTIC Truth living, always asking myself what is working and what is not, acting accordingly, and adjusting myself, however painful and ego stricken I would be.

Creating the life I want requires a commitment to my personal growth, and finding company/companions along the many roads to assist me in this journey.

My Best Life bring everyday stars ✨and twinkles✨ to my eyes, a pep to my duck walk, glitters to my Essence, laugh to my heart, excitement to my soul, and an abundance of love waiting to spill out...

however it also brought a new set of adventures with this anew will to CHANGE : -growing pains🤕, difficult choices, to have to own my own 💩, to be exposed, to be hurt, to be embarrassed, to get my ego kicked and rolled over, to fall hard, to feel defeated, to be dragged through mud, to be scared, to find courage in the midst of an ugly cry, to stick around long enough when it gets hard to face it all, to not Run away when afraid, to not try to fix but to heal, to truly see myself, to be Brave..

and yes for these rewards, all it took was a deep breaking yearning within Me...

Living my best life started to mean living a balanced life, to manage my time and energy wisely, to not torture myself with what if's or regrets, and to nurture all aspects of myself, my body, my mind, and my spirit...Of course I am still struggling with these on many fronts😆. I burn out, get myself dog exhausted..but lucky for me I have a partner who keeps me in check and is not afraid to chase me down and strap me down, however if you do not have one or when he is not around, we need to find the strength from within, we owe it to ourselves to be the check and balance for our cause...

We are the masters of our Destiny, prove it...

So what does it take to live my best life?


Being my best self often means doing things that are difficult and challenging. It is much easier to netflix📺 on a couch than to run a 10K🏃‍♀️, one is definitely more enjoyable to me than the other. Breaking bad habits and creating good habits takes Discipline and Strength of Character🏋️‍♀️.

We can build strength of character by challenging ourselves and doing things that we might consider difficult, one foot, one day at a time. We can then use that momentum to make more positive changes in an array of things.

Yes☑️, it is challenging but ultimately rewarding... and Sooner or later it it bound to become a habit!

After years of taking the road less traveled and pushing my boundaries, I feel stronger and more grounded in my body than I ever have in life.

I am not easily rattled by small everyday hassles , other people’s moods, or even my own emotions, and when it does I pause, listen to the chatter inside, quiet myself, evaluate, find the true source, smile and bounce back...The effect is subtle yet profound.

I am after all responsible for my health...


It takes courage to create the life I desire. As I explore and honor what I ultimately want for myself, I find that it meant breaking some old hard habits and making some drastic changes.

Those changes may include walking away from friendships and other relationships that no longer support my growth and my goals. Friends and family may resist some of these changes. Often times the people that don’t support me are the same ones that make little effort in their own lives, misery enjoys company, so they would prefer that others remain stuck along with them.

I OWN my *Ish, it takes courage and strength of character to not care what people think, and to create the life I want even if others are judging my actions.

I’ve done some bold things over the last few years to create a life that feels right and amazing to me. If I do not try, or die to my fears who do I blame for the outcome...NO ONE BUT ME. I get to make choices...

Self Respect.

Living my best life begins with appreciating the fact that I am alive. Realizing that life is a gift and every single day is a blessing. To not waste little previous time I have on this beautiful Earth, 'I owe it to the one who cannot, to live a joyful life".. This little mantra is the foundation on which I build the life I desire.

Appreciating life means respecting myself and my body and expressing gratitude for it all. My body is my vehicle for this journey. When I give it the fuel and maintenance that it needs, it will perform at its best and take me everywhere I want to go. Making the right food and lifestyle choices and creating healthy habits is part of living my dream life, squash the mental pollution.

I create the energy to live, achieve, share, enjoy, I write it all over my house on sticky notes, when confronted with negativity I have not invited I extinguish it, yep, not today, not ever, not anymore... Choosing actions that nurture self-respect also builds confidence.

Confidence is vital to Be.


Being the best I can be also takes some organization and ownership.

Setting realistic goals and living a balanced life is much easier when I take the time to plan things out, envision them and write them down. From daily to-do lists to 5-year plans, getting organized has a magical impact on our ability to achieve our goals, it is already written, I only have to walk the path. However I defy myself to not get stuck on plans, allowing the flow of life to kiss my face and steer my curiosity towards Joy. Be curious...


Written words are powerful. The word “spelling” is not just about correct letters, the roots of the word also mean “enchantment” and “lead to” . . . casting our desires into the written word is a prayer that helps shape our future.

Now, The cycle of self mastery...

Most of the components necessary for building the life I want function together as a sort of self-mastery-positive-feedback-loop.

Respecting my body and mind and taking good care of myself leads to better holistic health and more energy, which increases productivity and motivation, which in turn increases my sense of self-worth and confidence. Confidence is the foundation of strength and courage, which are necessary for ultimately achieving what I want in my life.

By working on one aspect of what it takes to live my best life, the other parts naturally follow.

Now This is only my journey into the abyss of the unknown, and it all started with

ME...Falling♥️♥️♥️ with myself, I cannot speak for you, your needs, your desires. But what I can say is: do not be a passive passenger into your own life, if you want change, be the change, the grass is not greener on the other side, you are all the grass that you need to be.

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