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The Holistic Sommelier Presents:

The Optimal Comprehensive Model of Wellness

The House of Sommeliers

Ri Angel Laguna

"This Woman is a Living Poem, her healing is a Work of Art, an Art that speaks.
She will give a fun voice with mad Ginga (African swag) to the deepest most Authentic part of your Soul (inner fire)
With clarity,  she helps liberate and inspire your Creativity (Passion). She safely assists you to get in touch with your own Soul and ignite the Fire Within.
Her healing touch is Sacred, Magical, Wam, Mortherly .
And finally, Her Deep connection to her Roots, retrieve your own and grounds you."

Capoeira Maestro

Merja Laukkanen

"Being back home made me realize few things. And I know that this healing will continue and continue. (...)to you Mkali, what I learnt from you is this:
I have always been afraid/intimidated by powerful women. (...). You showed me what (it) is to be (a) powerful woman. Powerful, beautiful, a loving soul and human being. You taught me that just by being you❤ Powerful and amazing woman. Thank you for your courage. I feel honored that I had a chance to meet you. You are a great teacher. So keep teaching☀❤."

Helsinki, Finland

 Owner of Glowing Soul

Diane K.

"My beautiful Carole, my twin glad our paths have crossed. It's like i have known you forever. You're such an amazing, intuitive and intelligent woman. I remember asking you if you were reading in my mind. You always know the right word to tell me, i think your brain is 100 years old, you have words of wisdom. I wish you only the best in this life and continue touching hearts as you always do around you. Love always."

Northern Ireland

Mother, Psychology Student

Past Events

Oahu, Hawaii

Escondido, Mexico

Mojave Desert, California

Oaxaca, Mexico

Through Ancient and Modern Spiritual Practices, the natural path to personal wholeness is being cleared, and revealed.

The House of Sommeliers host Healing and Spiritual Practices of Alternative Therapists who work towards your Holistic Wellness.

The House of Sommeliers honors and shares the Wisdom of the Ancient and Modern world.

Wellness Retreats


Women in black dress and red hair on red mountains

Soul Deepening

Bodywork + Energy Work

Vision Board

Spiritual Coaching

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Upcoming Events

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